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The internet is saturated with millions of blogs and websites on any given topic. You need new visitors and new traffic. So how are you to standout? Easy. You need a fast and reliable WordPress hosting to ensure that your quality content is readily available to your readers at any given moment. And as a loyal user of WordPress, Flywheel’s managed WordPress hosting is a fantastic option.

About Flywheel

Flywheel was founded in 2012, and in just a couple of short years they have built up a reputable brand name for WordPress Hosting. How did they do it? By honing in on what matters to their customers. Flywheel created a hosting company built on sturdy hardware with consistent maintenance, run on high quality software, with a myriad of experts and developers ready to help with any questions you might have. Plus they care. Flywheel does their best to stay involved in the WordPress community and to lend hand when they can (like how they host their local WordPress meetups). Thousands of blogs, storefronts, portfolio and more trust Flywheel to host their website. Keep reading to find out why.

Hosting Features

With a hosting plan from Flywheel you get access to a bunch of great features. Here are a handful of my personal favorites, but keep in mind that there are many more I haven’t listed below.

One Login
I can’t tell you how many times I login to different WordPress sites for updates, maintenance or just to add content. With Flywheel you can access all the sites you’ve setup with them from one dashboard. This saves you time, and helps you keep track of everything you’re working on (plus you can see who else has admin access to any of your sites at a glance).


Free Migrations
Yup – free migrations. Flywheel will handle the entire process for you, all you have to do is fill out the migration form and wait for your site to go live on your new host. It’s that easy. They also offer a video guide and migration walk-through if you want to do it yourself but just need a bit of help. In either case they’re there to help you out all along the way.

Managed Hosting
We’ve talked about the benefits of managed WordPress hosting here on WPExplorer before, and Flywheel offers all the great benefits you’d expect. No need to mess with servers or WordPress updates – Flywheel handles it all for you.

Free Demo Sites
Flywheel provides plans on a per-site basis, but they do offer free demo sites. This means you can create plenty of test sites to work out all of the kinks in your design before going live. A great features for designers and developers alike.


The best part about demo sites is that you aren’t billed for them until they go live. And at that point you can transfer the site to your client so that they’re responsible for the hosting plan. This is a great feature so you’re not paying to host sites for your clientele that are still in progress.

No need to handout the same login to all your partners. Flywheel allows you to add as many collaborators as you want to any project. This way you can each login from your own account, and when the project’s completed you can delete users as easily as you added them.

Built-in Caching
No need for additional caching services or plugins, it’s a part of all the hosting plans. This means that your site runs smoothly thanks to enhanced server performance and reduced download times. What does this mean for you? Well, a fully optimized site can lead to improved traffic thanks to faster load times or even better rankings.

Automatic Backups
1-click restore points are standard with Flywheel. This is great to have on hand in case of any unforeseen emergencies or hackers. Flywheel takes automatic backups of your website(s) regularly and stores them at an offsite location. This is a best practice that all companies should follow, and Flywheel does all the work for you.


Other Features
There are lots more features included such as SFTP access, continual Malware monitoring and free Malware removal if something does happen to one of your sites, dedicated IP address (no sharing here – each site gets its own), CDN support and automatic WordPress updates. Plus every plan with Flywheel comes with great customer support. Call, tweet, email or submit a support ticket for help when you need it.

We know that there are many factors involved when looking for a new host (we’ve talked about how to choose the best WordPress hosting and how to determine which WordPress Hosting is right for you on our blog before), but all things considered, hosting with Flywheel is a great deal with many features you’re sure to love.
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