Elegant Themes Wins The WP Theme Madness Competition

If you are hardcore WordPress theme then you’ve probably been following the WP Madness over at WPCandy. For those of you who weren’t following the WP Madness it was similar to March madness where you could fill out brackets of what you thought would be the winners between different rounds and then wait to see if you won. But rather then voting on sports you were voting on WordPress theme shops.

Over the course of the WP theme madness people could not only vote for their favorite shop at WPCandy but also submit entries by tweeting or by commenting on a blog post created on the WP shops blog. At the end there were nearly 200 brackets submitted and a total of 30,000 votes placed!

Five rounds of voting eliminated 62 awesome theme shops from the theme madness leaving Elegant Themes and ThemeFuse to face off in the final round. Personally I voted for both of them since they are both awesome sites run by awesome people!

Ultimately no one could stop Elegant Themes as they came out victorious with 1,416 points! There is no question they were going to make it to the end and seeing them win was awesome. I have been promoting and referring people to Elegant Themes for over a year now and not only do they help pay the bills but they are awesome people to work with and I haven’t had a single person complain to me about referring them to the membership.

Did I Win The Bracket?

Unfortunately I did not win the bracket. It would have been awesome to showcase one of WPCandy’s awesome trophies. However, I didn’t do so badly as I came in 9th place and only lost by 3 points! Below is a screenshot of the me placing 9th in the bracket and the winner of the bracket. Congrats!

Theme Madness Bracket Winner

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