Elegant Themes Increases Membership Price

I have been a member and an affiliate of Elegant Themes for about 5 months now, where the membership price for all the themes had always been $19.95 a year. At the beginning I thought this was an INSANE deal with around 25 themes for under $1 each. But it appears that all the sudden – without any warning on the blog – Nick Roach has increased the price to $39 for the yearly membership. I randomly found out today when I was checking out the Elegant Themes blog and reading up on the new “Tumblr” customization of the “Daily Notes WordPress Theme“.

Anyway, I was a bit shocked but at the same time I knew this day would come soon enough. Elegant Themes has been growing exponentially and believe it or not the themes have been getting even better and better! I think many of us was expecting the price to increase at some point.

What is Nick Roach Thinking?

Honestly, I have no idea (but I should ask him – or maybe he will comment here), however, I think he is thinking the same thing as I would be in his position. Elegant Themes currently offers 43 awesome themes filled with tons of premium features and a freaking amazing theme options panel. And while the price of $19.99 a year for 20-something themes was a great deal, now with 43 themes that seems more like a steal. The price still remains a really good deal, especially compared to other premium sites selling single themes for over $50.

And with tons more themes coming our (us the members) way I think it is fair to pay a bit more.  With 2-3 more releases a month for the rest of the year, there will 50+ themes included in the membership (hopefully Nick sticks with this plan).  I think at $39 this seems like a reasonable price.

Think to your self…if you owned Elegant Themes don’t you think you should be getting more money?

Higher Price = More Money For You!

The best thing about Elegant Themes is that with every theme there is a nice option in the theme panel to add your Elegant Themes affiliate code to the footer of your theme. This way if visitors come to your site and like your theme they may checkout the link at the bottom of your site to see who designed it and if they join Elegant Themes you will make a commission.  So with the higher price this means you will be making $19.95 for every theme sale you send over.

A lot of bloggers using Elegant Themes are making money using this little tactic and the price increase is just another great reason to join the membership and start recommending the themes to your fellow bloggers and visitors.

The New Tumblr Theme

As I mentioned above, Nick has released a Tumblr version of one of his latest themes. I am not really sure if he is trying to expand his horizon to meet a broader market or if he was just having some fun in his free time and like always giving more to the Elegant Themes community. Who knows if he will keep translating themes, but as a member and affiliate I do hope he sticks to his goal of 2-3 WordPress themes a month and keeps to his high design standards – reproducing great quality as usual.

Comments? Higher Price Yay or Nay?

What do you think of the higher price for the Elegant Themes membership? Do you think it is still worth it and if Nick Roach deserves the extra cash or if you think he is just trying to squeeze a bit more juice out of his future customers? How will this affect you? Or anything else you can think of – comment below, I want to hear from you!

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