The Elegant Theme Builder plugin developed by Elegant Themes allows you to use a drag and drop function to make pages. You can easily and quickly rearrange page elements with out have to dig into a theme’s code. Freely move around everything from boxes to toggles to create the perfect page or post. The plugin has been designed to work with any theme (not just those on Elegant Themes), so it’s a great plugin to have in your back pocket for current or future projects. This plugin is only available as a part of the Developer Package, but it’s well worth the investment.

Page Builder Plugin Features

You can use the plugin on any page or post, or you can choose disable it on a specific page or post. It’s 100% up to you.

Drag and drop elements (“modules”) in and out of the master list to create your custom page or post. No coding necessary.

Resize elements by dragging the edge of an element until you reach the size you want.

Arrange and then rearrange elements freely. All you need is your mouse.

The Elegant Theme Builder plugin is a great value, and Elegant Themes really out did themselves when they put it together. The plugin is very versatile, and would make a strong addition any theme.