How To Disable The WordPress Admin Bar

One of the cool new features of WordPress 3.1 is the new WordPress Admin Bar which is positioned above your website while you are logged in and provides quick links to various admin locations. And while it can be very handy for some, others would much rather remove it or hide it. Luckily I’ll teach you how!

WordPress Admin Bar

The new admin bar is really cool looking in my opinion and I actually use it quite a lot. But for those looking to remove it, it is very simple if you know what you are doing.

WordPress Admin Bar

Disabling The Admin Bar Via Your User Settings

To disable the admin bar just head over to Users > Your Profile > Show Admin Bar. Here you can un check the option so it won’t show up “when viewing site” (see image below)

Disable WordPress Admin Bar

Of course there are also many plugins already that will allow you to remove it completely, minimize it, hide it…etc. You can easily browse the plugin directory for one, but I prefer the method above.

Disabling The Admin Bar Via Your Functions.php

Your second option is to remove the admin bar via a code snippet. Simply add this snippet to your functions.php file to prevent the admin bar from displaying for all users:

add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');

Your Thoughts…Do You Think The Admin Bar Is Annoying or Useful?

Personally I think it’s a cool little feature, however, some people REALLY hate it. What are thoughts? Love or hate?

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