Theme Info & Details

YellowPress is a WordPress Theme that will allow you to easily create a directory site.

Directory sites are getting pretty “hot” these days with all this social media around and with everyone trying to increase through Page Ranks, however, creating your own directory site in WordPress can be quite difficult for a novice and making it look great is even harder.

I have actually seeing people with directory sites that look just like a blog…and no wonder there was hardly anyone signed up!

Yellow Press will make it easy for people to submit to your directory/gallery and easy for you to manage them.

There are some really cool features on this theme, such as thumbnails on home and category pages, “add your entry” links throughout the site, statistics showing number of entries and categories….

This is definitely a theme to go checkout if you are looking to create a gallery or a directory site built on wordpress.

Yellow Press WordPress Theme Features

  • Two modules available: Free or Paid (easy to set up a paid-for directory site)
  • Built-in PayPal processor
  • Added social bookmarking
  • Expired Post validation and renewal