Theme Info & Details

Desktop Press is one of the most unique WordPress themes out there. Featuring “hovering” thumbnail images on the homepage with “pop-up” pages and posts this theme truly highlights your Photography in a way no other theme could.

As you hover over a picture the background of the site changes to reflect that photo and when you click on one a window pops-up from the bottom with the image content and comments.

This site features a Jscroller implementation so that the theme can have a static height and you won’t have to use the browser’s scrollbars to move up and down, rather you can use a much nicer customized scroll.

If you are looking for a boring and simple blog you are not on the right page, Desktop Press is for those looking to impress!

Desktopress WordPress Theme Features

  • JQuery scrollpane
  • JQuery easing
  • Cross-browser support
  • Easy to customize
  • Valid CSS and XHTML
  • Full ajax queries
  • Includes PSD files and help documentation