Delta WordPress Theme Giveaway (Closed)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a giveaway for our loyal readers – and we’re sorry you’ve had to wait so long! To make it up to you, we’re giving away 10 FREE copies of our Delta AJAX Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme. That’s right, you could win a FREE copy of our Delta theme. All you have to do is enter below!

The Prizes

Delta is beautiful WordPress theme perfect for personal and professional portfolios or bodies of work. The theme features a superb AJAX style portfolio so visitors to your site can easily browse your portfolio without having to reload the page. The portfolio post styles include a single featured image, stacked images, sliders, or videos and all work seamlessly with the AJAX functions. The AJAX simply pulls the post content from the single-portfolio.php file, which is faster and better than loading a static HTML file. Delta also includes a clean blog, a completely responsive design, 17 background patterns/textures, 8 color schemes and unlimited color options via a color picker.

Delta Preview

Winners will receive:

  • 1 Theme zip file including documentation and the theme
  • 1 membership account at for theme support

To view the Delta theme preview just click on the green button.

Enter The Giveaway

Note: You don’t have use each method. But you will receive an entry point for each task you complete.

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Giveaway Details

  • How many winners? – 10 random winners
  • What you can win? – a copy of the Delta AJAX Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme by WPExplorer ($40 value) plus support

AJ Clarke
Post Author: AJ Clarke

Hey. My name is AJ and I am the boss around here. I own and operate WPExplorer. A website dedicated to everything I love about WordPress.

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  1. Matt Zimmermann says:
    Another fantastic theme...makes a great prize. Good luck to all who enter.
  2. Hey AJ! I love all of your themes and will be glad to use Delta for my client's website!
  3. marcelo araujo says:
    hi AJ, great theme!!
  4. Very beautiful theme!
  5. Hi AJ, I just think this theme is awesome! I have a blog project on which I'd like to use Delta theme :)
  6. Steven Gibson says:
    hey, I'm going to use this theme for my own website because I want to be a web designer and I need to have a good and nice website that people can see and this is my best portfolio than! I would like to place this theme on because now I only use HTML and I want to use VERY very very mots Wordpress and with this theme i wont to make a very nice website ! We love WPExplorer in Holland !!!
  7. nice theme, I'd love to use it for my future project!
  8. Nice theme! I am really liking the way that developers are taking the AJAX category sorting and 1 page portfolio viewing. This theme is clean and to the point, good prize indeed
  9. The theme looks great. I would use it on a clients website to make their website go awesome.
  10. Sumon from Lets Learn Coding says:
    I'll use it to make my own portfolio site.
  11. good theme
  12. genreystore says:
    i hope i won it.. :) fantastis awesome template wordpress
  13. Awesome theme, congratulations. Nice and simple. Fine job.
  14. I'd use it for a client's website, it's professional and sleek!
  15. Lateef Adewale says:
    I admired this theme the first day i saw it on themeforest but if i get this theme, i will be using it for a musical project that helps showcase the talent of local talents in Nigeria.
  16. Karl-Heinz says:
    Like this Theme. Whould be great to win an license
  17. I really wish I had the skill set to make such a beautiful theme for WordPress. Or, at the very least, know where to start.
  18. Whoa, I thought Fashionista was the theme for me - but this Delta is something special!
  19. Amazing looking theme. I love your clean yet beautiful style!
  20. Joris van Daal says:
    It's a great thing you're doing here! Love your themes too. Can't wait for our new website to go live using your Alpha theme which we have customized a lil' bit! ;-)
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      Thanks for the kind words ;) And of course for the purchase! Would love to see it submitted at when you're done ;)
  21. Awesome theme!! Congratulations!!
  22. Marcus Trotta says:
    Nice template :)
  23. waoow perfectly themes
  24. Faisal Rachmadin says:
    Thank you very much AJ for this chance. Seems great for my next portfolio site :) Hope I win. Best of luck to all. Thanks.
  25. Awesome theme!
  26. Awesome theme AJ! I would use to create a portfolio to get my design biz off the deck.
  27. Awesome theme. I would probably use it for a project I'm working on to encourage locally made products in my city and also in my state.
  28. Himanshu says:
    Nice giveaway
  29. Ferdian Adi says:
    I would love to use it for my next project to show local and traditional food of Indonesia.....Bravo for the giveaway AJ...!
  30. całkiem przyjemny - quite nice theme
  31. i'd use it for custom site
  32. akbar kadabra says:
    i hope i'am the winner
  33. For my portfolio site, prefect!
  34. i hope i’am the winner
  35. Sina Moosavi says:
    It’s a great thing you’re doing here! Love your themes too It’s Good For Design
  36. Josh Gaffney says:
    I really like the look of this theme, just simple, bold and looks like it's very flexible.
  37. wow is great for my website
  38. Farabi Wahid says:
    looking forward to win the fantastic 10 Delta Ajax theme, it is easy to use, super fast and charming :)
  39. Beautiful Theme!!!
  40. I’ll use it to make my own portfolio site.
  41. very nice and fantastic
  42. Great fluid design. Amazing theme no doubt.
  43. Hi AJ, I looked the Delta preview and really it is a rockstar design :) Great the single featured image at top! I'd like to have and try it, adding it to my portfolio of themes for future reviews.
  44. Stuart Conover says:
    I would use it for the revamp I have planned for my horror company I run all of my horror themed websites through.
  45. Looks like a great theme!
  46. I would so much love to be one of the winners. I would use it for my porfolio project in college. :)
  47. very nice
  48. Ganesh Maharjan says:
    Nice Theme I wish to win this theme...! I will this theme for my personal portfolio...!
  49. This looks like a great theme!
  50. Dhampire says:
    Awesome theme!
  51. Emil Indricău says:
    I will use it for me.
  52. sweet theme
  53. Emil Indricău says:
    I will use it for myself.
  54. Gil Hamer says:
    Amazing giveaway. hook me up :)
  55. Like this Theme
  56. Aleksandar says:
    Excellent theme. Perfect for my very first portfolio.
  57. Krist Adams says:
    Nice theme. Love the huge image that greets you as you get on the page.
  58. I will use the theme to know how a good theme can be coded :)
  59. Renato Spínola says:
    great theme!!!
  60. Would be great to be able to use delta to make an awesome website!
  61. It's pretty awesome theme, fingers crossed ;)
  62. Muhammadibn says:
    Brilliant theme with unlimited colour options!! GREAT THEME!!
  63. Brian Cauley says:
    woot! WP theme giveaways!
  64. Excellent theme. Amazing ....
  65. Excellent theme with really great AJAX features, really would like a copy to help me develop my own content for WordPress!
  66. Looks great! I'd use this for a music/art festival...
  67. Hi i really love this theme! Great design for a new project that's coming up soon :D
  68. Getting my blog set up. This looks like a great starting point.
  69. Getting my portfolio up, it would be perfekt fot me
  70. lasuardi says:
    let me win it. so, I can learn a lot from this theme.. :D
  71. Philip Andrew says:
    This is just so cool!!! Hope I can win a license... ^^
  72. Ellis Whittaker says:
    Really great theme, would be very nice to add to my portfolio. I'm also really interested to see how your AJAX portfolio features work!
  73. Tom Lewek says:
    Great responsive theme! Super clean, modern and slick at the same time. I could see this being easily adaptable for many projects down the line.
  74. great theme, perfect for my sports related web-page
  75. Thanks for a beautiful theme, AJ! I'm happy as a little child ;)
  76. Aleksandar says:
    Thanks for the theme, Alexander. Now i can finally start working on my very first portfolio. Really appreciate it!

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