CSSIgniter Premium WordPress Themes Giveaway (Over)

CSSIgniter has generously given us 10 Premium WordPress Theme Memberships to giveaway to WPExplorer readers! Each 1-year membership gives you access to every single theme on the site plus any themes they add over the next 12 months (a $39 value!). There are so many great themes to choose from – you’ll want to enter for a chance to win every day so don’t forget to keep coming back!

A Little About CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter was founded by Gerasimos Tsiamalos and Anastis Sourgoutsidis in 2010 after they both found their passion for WordPress. Along the way they added Thanos Papavasiliou and Vassilis Mastorostergios to their team, and with lots of coding (and junk food) they’ve built the CSSIgniter you know and love. Home to loads of high quality premium and free themes, a free social icon plugin, and  great bog posts and tutorials CSSIgniter is a great theme bundle site with lots to offer.

The Crew:

CSSIgniter Team

CSSIgniter Offers Service Packages Too

In addition to awesome themes, CSSIgniter offers a handful of super useful services to help you get your website up and running. Packages include WordPress theme installation and general setup (including Google Analytics and database backup setup), theme customizations, and advanced theme design and development. This is a solid way to ensure that your theme is correctly installed and customize it to your liking so you should definitely check it out!

Visit CSSIgniter

Enter the Giveaway

To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below.

Note: You don’t have to do each thing. But you will receive an entry point or two for each task you complete.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Details

  • How many winners? – 10 random winners
  • What you can win? – a super special coupon code good for a FREE 1-year membership for CSSIgniter ($39 value)

Some of Our Favorite CSSIgniter Themes

We love lots of the CSSIgniter themes, but here are a few of our favorites!

Mozzy Portfolio WordPress Theme

Mozzy WordPress Theme

Mozzy is a stunning portfolio and blog WordPress theme perfect for showcasing a body of work. The theme is fully responsive and comes with a fantastic portfolio with multiple options! One of the best features of Mozzy is it’s flexible homepage. You can adjust the layout, column number and sizes, and create custom contact forms. The contact page is also fully customizable (add text, forms, maps and more). Take a look!

Mozzy WordPress Theme

Pinfinity Portfolio WordPress Theme

Pinfinity WordPress Theme

Pinfinity is an awesome Pinterest-like tumblog WordPress theme with a masonry grid homepage (I just wrote a post all about the best Pinterest-like WordPress themes and this one really should’ve been on it!). The theme is completely responsive and supports lots of post formats. Add all your content using the standard, image, gallery, quote, link, audio and video formats. Plus, users can use the “Favorites” feature to like your posts. This is a great theme for any blog – so be sure to check it out!

Pinfinity WordPress Theme

Mustache Portfolio WordPress Theme

Mustache WordPress Theme

Mustache is a great business portfolio WordPress theme with a bold and elegant single page layout. The theme is responsive, so your clients and potential customers can always access your site. The theme is super flexible thanks to the CSSIgniter OPtions Panel. Hide sections you don’t need, make edits to the layout, and more. Plus there are over 20 custom icons included with the theme for  the skills section. See more features by clicking on the button below and heading over to the theme page.

Mustache WordPress Theme

Post Author: Kyla

Hi! My name is Kyla, and I'm the VP at WPE. Although I'm still new to WordPress, I love every bit and I have fun sharing what I learn with all of you!

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  1. I would love to win! I want the Mozzy theme for my portfolio!!!!!!
  2. I like pinfinity the best. Looks better than any other Pinterest Wordpress theme.
  3. Matt Zimmermann says:
    Excellent looking themes. I really like the "Me" vCard one.
  4. Michelle (@michelleane0us) says:
    can't wait! hope i'll bag this one!
  5. Great giveaway, I love CSSIgniter!! thanks.
  6. Bugsy Tzu says:
    lemme win the Pinfinity theme ♥
  7. This is awesome giveaway.... I really like BusinessTwo theme for used my next project.
  8. Rahul Joshi says:
    I really like the Mozzy theme because of its retro and artistic design.
  9. Would love to get mustache theme! hope I win!
  10. Rad Moose says:
    All look good, so I mustache why do I need to pick just one? =) Yeah, I guess if I had to Mustache is the one I would pick.
  11. Wow, it's hard to pick a favorite. But I think I like Mozzy the best. :)
  12. velinsky says:
    Great, can't wait to see the winners :)
  13. Never entered their previous competition. I love how easy it is with rafflecopter, I will use it too! Regarding CSSIgniter, you guys rock, especially your travel themes, as this is what I have to deal with the most. Good luck to everyone and thanks ;)
  14. Teguh Hidayatullah says:
    Wew, everything from CSSIgniter is good. So if I have to choose one I'll face a great dilemma (: But I think Mustache is just perfect for my current project.
  15. Craig Paterson says:
    Some really nice themes there, the one I really like though is Nico. Keeping my fingers crossed ;-)
  16. Mozzy and Mustache look nice. Fingers crossed.
  17. I wanna!!!
  18. Glen Michael says:
    The is awesome. Amazing themes!
  19. Leonardo Wyskiel says:
    MUSTACHE its my favourite theme!
  20. Steve Heinrich says:
    Photographia has some nice functionality. Godspeed people!
  21. Sourav K says:
    Sourav K
    Hands down, I love this epic free theme by CSSIgniter. http://www.cssigniter.com/preview/magnifique/
  22. hachesilva says:
    Great opportunity guys.
  23. This is awesome!
  24. Nitin Maurya says:
    Wish me good luck :D Badly want Pinfinity!
  25. Fery Wardiyanto says:
    nice themes & nice giveaway... hope can grab Mozzy theme ;)
  26. Looks great. I have some pro-bono projects that would benefit from this
  27. Power themes
  28. This contest is a great idea to promote the site. I like the Glare and Mozzy themes the most but thanks for the free Magnifique theme too!
  29. pick me, pick me! :)
  30. Denise Raphael says:
    These are all super themes - but I have a site that Mozzy would be just perfect for. Crossing my fingers!
  31. Nick Piakal says:
    Wow. The Mustache theme is just too beautiful. Both in the aesthetics stakes and in functionality.
  32. Chris Curtis (@webdesigners) says:
    i like the "Business Two" theme. The color options are great looking.
  33. I would love to try Dolce and Agora, great job!
  34. Rex Louie says:
    I would looove to bag this thing! :D Mozzy is really lovely!
  35. Friday Favorites says:
    fingers and toes crossed! LOL!
  36. My favorite theme from CSSIgniter is Mustache :) Great inspiration and arteristic.
  37. Cean Lim says:
    I like the nyz theme best :) It's simple and neat.
  38. Love Glare, Mozzy, Magnifique... :)
  39. himanshu says:
    Great giveaway.. I guess mustache looks good and professional
  40. markus1963Markus says:
    Wow. So many nice themes. Perfect for me searching for something new...
  41. Sweet giveaway. I love many of the CSSIgniter WP themes, especially Mozzy Portfolio WordPress Theme. Would love to use this theme for a new project.
  42. Mohsen Ghiasi says:
    I like Mustache.
  43. Need a 'Mustache' ;)
  44. Mozzy is great! :)
  45. Hendrik Vlaanderen says:
    Awesome giveaway, I especially like Hartee!
  46. Abdul Awal says:
  47. NalaPachakam says:
    All themes are pretty good
  48. Yousuf Tafhim says:
    I like Mustache Portfolio WordPress Theme
  49. No favorite - all are good.
  50. Sumon Selim says:
    I loved the Pinfinity theme very much...
  51. Zac Coleman says:
    I am a huge fan of Mozzy.
  52. JayGreentree says:
    really like all the themes but especially like "Mustache Portfolio WordPress Theme" because it reminds me so much of the Ubuntu os.
  53. Mozzy seems a wonderful theme; full of customizations a great theme to play with. Pinfitniy with a similar Pinterest layout matches perfect tons of bloggers that need these styles. Thanks for the giveaway! Gera
  54. I love the Pinfinity theme! I am already brainstorming lots of ideas for how to use it.
  55. Ali Zaenal says:
    Great theme, bro...
  56. anandone says:
    Won't lie! I really don't know how many of them I would use. :)
  57. Want to win, too! :) Kind regards from Germany
  58. I like the Nico theme
  59. carrierawks says:
    Ooooh I am really liking the themes on here. I want to go check out the rest!
  60. M. T. Rahman says:
    Good initiative. Mozzy looks better with simple but effective design to match multipurpose requirements for portfolio, small business or blog site. The 'Recent Work' section presents the sub-menus very quickly with look and feel, which is also being used in most of the good themes as available present standard of the market. The overall composition and distribution of slider, recent work, highlights area, client logos and bigger footer area were in harmony. Thanks.
  61. Gfc Theme says:
    This is a great giveaway…. I really like the Sixtyone theme for our Project.
  62. Nice giveaway. I would like to win Pinfinity theme, It would be good to install it on my new pinterest friendly blog. Thank you.
  63. Hendrik H (@erickhbhn) says:
    love all themes ! Great giveaway ! good luck all !
  64. frank mills says:
    New to CSSIgniter, but like what I am seeing. Plan to use what I can.
  65. Tyler Henson says:
    I LOVE Magnifique!! It's so pretty!! :)
  66. Themes are looking good. By the way, any chance Dolce will go responsive? Would love that.
  67. Deratyzacja says:
    Great themes! Good job!
  68. web design POPMichael says:
    The prizes should be awarded to anyone that can correctly pronounce those guys' names.
  69. Justin M says:
    Comment #69. I would have made a funny remark about this number in my younger days!

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