Theme Version: 1.9
Visual Composer Version: 4.2.3
LayerSlider Version: 5.11
Slider Revolution Version: 4.5.95
GoPricing tables: 2.4.2


Version 2.0 – In Progress

  • Fixed Bullets not working in FAQ entries

Version 1.9 – July 20, 2014

  • Fixed Issue with missing CSS filed in the admin panel
  • Fixed Issue with the admin panel options not showing completely
  • Added Option to disable Visual Composer in “theme mode” so you can enter your purchase code for auto updates
  • Added Options to disable the auto archives for the built-in post types
  • Added Custom templates for services, clients, testimonials, faq, staff
  • Added Options to enter the the custom page ID for your main post type archive if the auto archive setting is disabled

Version 1.8 – June 10, 2014

  • Added WPML config file
  • Updated All included plugins
  • Updated Smof admin panel
  • Fixed Undefined index error on the homepage when store module was enabled

Version 1.7 – April 19, 2014

  • Updated Visual Composer Plugin
  • Fixed Bugs with new Visual Composer Plugin

Version 1.6 – March 22, 2014

  • Fixed Bug with text/fonts not displaying in the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Fixed Issue so standard fonts so they when selected in the admin they don’t try to load from Google Fonts
  • Added Built-in Breadcrumbs support
  • Removed Fitvids js and replaced with CSS alternative

Version 1.5 – March 2, 2014

  • Updated Slider Revolution – See plugins folder inside the theme
  • Updated WooCommerce related columns to prevent debug error in WooCommerce in 2.1+
  • Fixed Missing review/comment field in WooCommerce 2.1+
  • Fixed Small Coupon field on checkout
  • Fixed Extra spacing issue below the title on portfolio posts without related items

Version 1.4 – February 18, 2014

  • New Options to change the admin icons for the various built-in custom post types
  • New Option to disable the 100% quality for uploaded jpegs
  • New Custom excerpt length in theme options for portfolio items
  • New Left/Right alignment option for symple shortcode button in the Visual Composer
  • New Orderby option in the theme panel for the homepage testimonials (date, modified or random)
  • New Count option for homepage testimonials
  • New Option to change clients custom post type slug
  • Fixed Support for WooCommerce 2.1
  • Removed Built-in Visual composer – plugin included separately now – more info →
  • Updated Visual Composer
  • Updated Symple Shortcodes Premium to version 1.1 – required for new Visual Composer version

Version 1.32 – December 21, 2013

  • New Added support for auto-updates with purchase code validation via the theme panel
  • New code commenting in functions.php for all require statements
  • new option to display portfolio tags to on single portfolio posts
  • Updated Changed custom post type icons to use new WP 3.8 font icons
  • Updated Tweaked admin panel CSS for better design in WP 3.8
  • Updated Moved theme panel outside of Appearance and added at the bottom of the left container
  • Updated Cleaned up Visual Composer design a bit + updated the Visual Composer
  • FIXED LayerSlider icon in the Visual Composer
  • FIXED Boxed static header so it fits inside the boxed area rather then going full-width

Version 1.31 – November 19, 2013

  • New Option to disable other portfolio items section on portfolio posts
  • New Option to display items from the same category as the current posts for the portfolio items
  • New Option to disable the featured image on WooCommerce categories
  • Fixed Layout for WooCommerce category style store page

Version 1.3 – October 31, 2013

  • Updated Visual Composer is now built-in – please deactivate the Visual Composer plugin from your site after updating the theme
  • New Options for row backgrounds so you can quickly/easily add backgrounds and background images to your rows

Plugin Update – October 30, 2013

  • Updated LayerSlider

Version 1.22

  • Fixed Search design on bbPress for latest bbPress version
  • Fixed Issue with bullets not working on services
  • New To enable sidebar on WooCommerce store
  • New  To enable sidebar on WooCommerce product page

Version 1.21

  • Updated layerslider, visual composer, slider revolution
  • Fixed small issue with clients grid on the homepage

Version 1.2

1. Install Visual Composer: If you are not prompted to install the visual composer after updating the theme, open the latest version of the theme and you will find the file in the theme’s ‘plugins” folder so you can install it.

2. Update Symple Shortcodes: You will want to update the Symple Shortcodes Premium plugin because it has been fully updated to extend the visual composer so you can use all the shortcodes within the drag/drop content builder. To do so, you can delete the plugin from your site and you should then be prompted to install it. If not, locate it in the theme’s “plugins” folder and install it the normal one.

  • New Visual Composer Now included – HOT!!!
  • New Option to show portfolio entry details (title/excerpt)
  • New Option to disable top bar searchbox
  • New Option for social sharing for pages
  • New Option Disable portfolio post titles
  • New Option To select specific page for homepage modules as well as select between centered and full-widths
  • New Option To change WooCommerce image sizes via admin
  • New Option To disable border around the logo custom icon
  • New Recent posts with thumbnails widget
  • Updated Symple Shortcodes Premium now extends the Visual Composer so you can use the shortcodes within it
  • Updated Font Awesome Array
  • UpdatedPosts without thumbnails can now appear on the related posts area for blog posts
  • Fixed Top bar dropdown padding off by a few pixels
  • Fixed Logo going outside of container in Firefox if it was too large
  • Fixed Issue with clients archive subheading not having option in theme options
  • Fixed Issue where slider wouldn’t work on blog template
  • Fixed Issue where copyright area shortcodes wouldn’t work
  • Fixed Issue where disable title option wasn’t working on single staff and services posts
  • Fixed Single clients layout and added slider support
  • Fixed Issue with blurry avatars on homepage testimonials

Version 1.1

Important: I made some modifications to the theme options panel to make your admin much faster. If you have any image urls (parallax images, logo, custom social…) settings in your theme panel, make sure to revise them after updating, because you might have to fix the url. My apologies! But a faster admin is worth it!

  • New Top Bar area with new custom menu area, new social area and searchbar
  • New Optional ability to display author avatars on blog entries
  • New Optional ability to display the social sharing buttons on blog entries
  • New A few new theme options for various functions and colors
  • New Better icon support for the menus & added guide in the PDF doc
  • New Second style for the footer copyright area (full-width solid background and no top border)
  • New Option to select custom link for the “back to portfolio” button on single portfolio posts (the one between the next/previous)
  • Fixed Issue with custom wp gallery image resizing options not working
  • Fixed Issue where homepage blog wouldn’t work if a custom category was selected
  • Fixed Theme option for portfolio archive subheading
  • Fixed Issue where custom background would not display on the boxed version
  • Fixed Single FAQ layout
  • Fixed Issue where disabling the fade in for blog posts did nothing
  • Optimized 2,4,6 column client entries now display at 2 columns on small mobile devices
  • Optimized WordPress dashboard should now be a bit faster
  • Optimized Footer social positioning

Version 1.002

  • New WooCommerce icon in the header
  • New Included a readme.txt file with a link to all the theme PSD’s

Version 1.001

  • Fixed issue with features on the homepage not linking to the defined URL
  • Added background color options for features styles 2/3
  • Fixed small issue with the features not keeping their colors
  • Removed small margin bug in footer copyright
  • Updated Altered the social function so if you just leave the URL blank it won’t display rather then having to delete them