Where is the support forum?

Previously we had a full support forum dedicated to supporting our free themes, however, due to the lack of respect people had towards the rules, we’ve decided to remove it completely.

Even though we no longer offer support for our free themes we still want to make sure our themes are bug free and can be used by anyone without any issues! The following form can be used to report a bug/issues with any of our free themes, that is, the ones located specifically here.

Before submitting a Report

  1. Read the documentation page for our free themes.
  2. Disable all active plugins on your site and clear your site/browser cache to make sure the issue is coming from the theme.
  3. Make sure what you are submitting is in fact an error and not a feature or customization request. For example if you want to re-order your posts or change the homepage layout, these are NOT issues.
  4. Provide a clear description of the issue and if possible the URL where you see the problem.

What this form is for:

Reporting an issue/bug with one of our free themes. Wanting to customize or tweak your theme to fit your needs isn’t an issue/bug. If you need help tweaking your theme please consider hiring a freelancer from Envato Studio or Elto. If we receive a customization request we will delete it, its not our job to do your work for you for free and we currently do not have the staff to offer customization services.

Bug Report Form

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