BruteGuard is a brute force attack prevention plugin that protects your site against botnets by connecting its users to track failed login attempts across all sites that use the plugin. All active BruteGuard installations build an inter-connected protection layer against botnet attacks.

By activating the plugin login attempts will get distributed to the cloud and checked against a big database of malicious IPs. A smart algorithm analyses all Iogin attempts and identifies patterns and filters or blocks them in the most efficient way possible.

BruteGuard works in conjunction with any other security plugin as it builds an additional protective layer in front of other security measurements. Thanks to the lightweight and simple architecture the plugin will add no bloat to your WordPress site and by preventing brute force attacks it will help you to protect you against server resource spikes from botnet attacks.

Than more people are using BruteGuard than smarter the software gets. The goal is to not only prevent brute force attacks when they are happening but also making all websites in the network immune to most attacks before they can even happen.

BruteGuard Plugin Features

  • BruteGuard Shield
  • SmartGuard Engine
  • Lightweight
  • User Dashboard
  • Unparalleled Support
  • 100% Free
  • Use with Other Plugins
  • Block IP Addresses
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Brute Force Protection