Alpha WordPress Theme Giveaway (Over)

Those of you who follow me probably already know that I’ve released a new premium WordPress theme called “Alpha” which is a multi-purpose theme which includes portfolios, staff, services, built-in slider manager, many color schemes and so many more amazing features! In just a four days the theme has over 40 sales and already has a 5 star rating! The feedback has been great and people seem to love it (yes I am awesome – and no, not conceded at all).

I’ve decided to post a giveaway so those who can’t afford the theme still have a chance in owning their very own copy! If you wish to take a part of the giveaway enter via the rafflecopter widget below and at the end 5 people will be chosen at randomly and I will personally email you the zip file containing the theme and documentation files.

Not familiar with the theme? Check it out below:

View Alpha Theme

Important: The giveaway isn’t mandatory, you could always buy the theme to support WPExplorer 😉

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AJ Clarke
Post Author: AJ Clarke

Hey. My name is AJ and I am the boss around here. I own and operate WPExplorer. A website dedicated to everything I love about WordPress.

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  1. Jared Hardwick says:
    I love the plethora of features this theme has!
  2. Alpha is really slick and clean. Beautifully coded as usual. Exceptional.
  3. Matt Zimmermann says:
    The Alpha theme looks great. I really love the way the portfolio works.
  4. I like how clean it looks overall, especially with this nice slider...
  5. Kevin Bedard says:
    I just recently installed the adapt theme from wpexplorer cause it was free, but looking forward to get my hand on a premium theme! Keep on the good work guys! :)
  6. Julian Fernandes says:
    Must say, i liked the theme a lot! Your themes are usualy prety good, since they offer stuffs most devs forget (like author box and related posts) and i love the fact you also release a lot for free... :)
  7. I would very much like this :>
  8. Peter Smith says:
    Sweet theme!
  9. this theme is even better than your last. Great job.
  10. Always admired the simplicity in your work!
  11. I was Just checking out the Alpha theme the other day! Winning it would be awesome, but well worth the cost either way!
  12. AJ Clarke says:
    AJ Clarke
    Thank you everyone for entering. I'm sorry you can't all win - but I wish you best of luck!
  13. The portfolio is very cool.
  14. Ground Effect Media says:
    Slick theme. Especially love the Services page options. Nice work!
  15. Cool stuff, thanks for another giveway :)
  16. AJ Clarke says:
    AJ Clarke
    Thanks all for entering the giveaway and helping me spread my premium work! The more sales the more time I can spend on freebies for WPExplorer and more tutorials - all of which I hope you'll see more off soon!
  17. Beautiful! It's hard to pick one thing that is great about it, since I couldn't find anything I don't like about it! Great work and worth the $45. Would be great to win one but I'll be happy to purchase it when I need it. :)
  18. Awesome theme and nice giveaway.
  19. Alexandra says:
    It's clean, elegant, somewhat simple and therefore stylish. I digg it!
  20. mohamad fahmi says:
    i always love ur giveaway :D ,,
  21. Been a big fan of office, now this is just sick! Beautiful theme and great coding.
  22. My favorite thing about this theme is the page specific backgrounds and the drag & drop homepage... very nice!
  23. Tom Fischer says:
    All of your themes are clean, and work great.
  24. Very nice theme!
  25. nice theme
  26. Faisal Rachmadin says:
    My favorite part about your theme is the fact that your theme is super sweet clean. I hope I win. Thank you AJ for this giveaway.
  27. farshad ghorbanalipour says:
    thanks a lot
  28. Ricardo Muñoz says:
    Excelent theme.
  29. I love giveaways! :)
  30. Love the free themes! Would love an upgrade!
  31. Love the simplistic but powerful look.
  32. Cléber Oliveira says:
    Great theme! keep up this great work!
  33. Joey Morgan says:
  34. Alpha theme is very clean and professional. I like the order of elements and i think this is a very good organization of main site content.
  35. Michelle says:
    a very rad giveaway! love the sleek and clean look of the theme
  36. Awesome theme.
  37. Ali Sajjad Movahed says:
    beautiful and excellent theme ! I love it
  38. Excellent work! Even better than your Office theme, of which I'm still a happy user.
  39. Nice work on all the themes AJ ;)
  40. This is a great looking theme
  41. its so amazing, very professional design!
  42. I really like the cleanliness of the theme and the fact that it shows up same in all devices... Plus the font size is just right! :D
  43. Sugeng Ivan Lestarianto says:
    I really love the features! Its Awesome! And also the Navigation Bar is beautiful too... :)
  44. Looks great. Love to try it out and see if it's something I could use for a couple of client projects I have coming up.
  45. Looks like a superb theme, perfect for me to use as a photographer, designer or developer...
  46. Zack Clark says:
    Clean, professional, tons of features and options. Very nice!
  47. Muhammad Qasim says:
    great theme. Would love to have it for my blog. Really eye catching theme with bundle of features :)
  48. Huge amount of features, love the Portfolio options and the blog page layout.
  49. The theme looks really great, really interested to see how all the code works.
  50. Gonzalo Rueda says:
    This theme is awesome!!
  51. Looks pretty clean. Would love to make my portfolio from this.
  52. Very sleek!
  53. Great theme, thanks!
  54. So many different elements combination that make it a very versatile theme, well done!
  55. This theme is just great, packed with features.
  56. nice theme ! thank you
  57. I like the drag and drop features for the homepage in this theme, that's always where I spend so much time when setting up sites.
  58. Simply Awesome!
  59. Elegant theme!
  60. Overall theme is great(thats why i want this theme :) ). Theme is very beautiful and well crafted, but the menu and icons beside the menu attracts me the most. And multiple skins is also a very cool feature. Dying to win this theme. keep up the good work AJ Clarke.
  61. Giovanni says:
    It must be mine.
  62. uncientovolando says:
  63. tarmizishukri says:
    wow... awesome theme!!
  64. Nice theme. Would like to have it :)
  65. Emil Indricau says:
  66. Except for the nav bar theme is beautiful. I especially like how the sidebar and footer were designed to look beautiful when minimized (aka responsiveness) Can't afford this, but would be mighty happier to have this.
  67. I love the color options and various features available. Want to win this awesome theme.
  68. Shiva Chettri says:
    Alpha really seems to be the theme I was searching for, for my services site. I hope I do get lucky to win this awesome theme. I really liked the sleek and elegant design. Also good to see that you even have inbuilt shortcodes for pricing tables, tabs, icons etc. It is something quite handy.
  69. AJ Clarke says:
    AJ Clarke
    @everyone - Thank you for all the kind words!
  70. Is this theme a remake of ESTATE theme by Woo themes? these two really look alike and have similar features.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      I just had a look at the Woo Themes theme, I see why you say they are similar because of the top bar and the menu. But they are very very different. In fact my Alpha theme was based on my Office theme - Alpha isn't a real estate theme either, it's a corporate theme and the features/functions are VERY different between the two. So if you are thinking about getting Alpha for a real estate site, keep in mind there aren't any built-in real estate features. thanks for stopping by! AJ

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