The Ajax Content Browser Plugin for WordPress is a great way to add an ajax grid to display your posts, products, portfolio items, or anything else on your site.

The plugin allows you to create ajax “walls” that display any content you specify – a particular post type, category, tag, etc. You can add as many walls to your site as you’d like! You can even insert walls in your sidebar as a widget. And the plugin automatically works with any custom post types, taxonomies or categories you’ve created.

ajax content navigator shortcode

Another great feature is that the plugin automatically works with Jigoshop and/or WooCommerce. The Ajax Content Browser Plugin syncs with your products, categories, and with WooCommerce it even pulls pricing information to create a sliding price filter. You can then create walls for your products and add mini ajax stores throughout your site. Add a wall for your top sellers in your sidebar, or add a wall to your homepage for your 10 newest items – with the Ajax Content Browser Plugin almost anything is possible!

What We Like About The Ajax Content Browser Plugin

There are so many options! Which in this case is great. You can add an ajax “wall” to each portfolio page to showcase your work. Or add a “wall” to your sidebar for products. Or use an ajax “wall” to create a filterable menu page for your restaurant. There is so much you can do with the the ajax grids – which you can put anywhere thanks to the shortcode!

What We Think Could Be Improved

More styling options would be nice, but really if there’s anything you want you can submit your request on the plugin’s Google+ page. Then other users can vote on if they think the feature would be useful as well. If a recommendation gets enough votes the plugin author will do their best to add the feature!

Ajax Content Browser Plugin Features

  • Filter any content (standard, media, images, videos, products, portfolios, etc)
  • Add filter meta to posts
  • Create even or masonry grids
  • Social media integration
  • Show or hide the filter
  • Add unlimited ajaxed “walls” to your website
  • Ajax “wall” shortcode (add anywhere)
  • Add ajax “walls” to sidebars
  • Set number of columns
  • Set number or posts to show
  • Choose infinite scroll or load more button
  • Automatically works with custom post types
  • Automatically works with custom taxonomies
  • Automatically works with custom categories
  • Integrates with YouTube, Vimeo, and Flikr
  • Automatically works with Jigoshop categories/products
  • Automatically works with WooCommerce categories/products
  • Automatically create price filter slider with WooCommerce
  • Included price and buy button with WooCommerce Integration