5 Free Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

“Everyone” want’s to become a rich affiliate seller on the internet these days. And there is no better way to do it than using a great CMS platform such as WordPress.

But if you have been in the Affiliate business for a while now you have probably realized the importance of providing your visitors with links that still seem legit. Many affiliate links are really long and simply put “weird-looking”. Which is probably why you are here, trying to find the “magical affiliate link cloaking plugin for wordpress”.

To be honest, I do not have this “magical” plugin, however, I do have 5 really great FREE plugins that will help your affiliate marketing efforts, including a couple that do provide link “cloaking” capabilities.

And yes, I realize there are some premium plugins out there, but if you are trying to make money you are probably not looking to spend money. So here there are…

Free WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Everyone loves free things. So here are 5 free WordPress plugins that can help you in your affiliate marketing efforts.

1. WP125 – this plugin allows you to easily show 125×125 pixel ads on your site and it even counts the hits. Great for showcasing multiple advertisement boxes on your WordPress sidebar.

2. Pretty Link WordPress Plugin – This plugin will allow you to track, shrink and share any url.

3. WP Marketer – Track and manage all your online marketing and advertising efforts right from your admin panel.

4.  Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer – if you are an amazon affiliate this plugin is great for automatically changing any amazon link on your site to use your affiliate Id and it can also change the link to point to the user’s local Amazon store.

5.  Affiliate Link Cloaker – Ads small piece of Javascript into a cloaked post in order to give your users a “pretty” url.

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